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Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

Seek Ye FirstYou will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. -Jeremiah 29:13

There’s a lot in the Bible about seeking. Some of Jesus’ greatest parables are about seeking. Seeking is a very intentional act. Just ask those who seek out rare birds, rare coins or other collectibles.

My son recently sent me a photo of the china cabinet in a home where he spent Christmas. My husband only saw the cabinet, but what my son and I saw was the impressive multicolored collection of Fiestaware in that cabinet. Only a seeker-collector would appreciate the value of what, to others, would just be pretty (or pretty old) pitchers and plates.

Seeking is also the only way to find God, and ‘collect’ spiritual truths. Hard-hearted people will not turn to God. These people are so sure of themselves, their intellect, the correctness of their point of view, that they will not be open to anything that doesn’t fit their philosophy. Remember Pharaoh? Remember Nebuchadnezzar? Remember Pontius Pilate? Unless something happens to change them, they will never be open to the possibility of the supernatural, miraculous or Divine.

Seekers are open to options. They may be seeking in all the wrong places, but they are open to the wonderful mysteries of the Universe. I was this type of teenager. I was convinced there was more to life than just what we see, but I looked for it in eastern philosophies, tarot cards, astrology and crystals. And here’s the thing: because there IS more than just this plane of existence, and because it IS possible to know the future, and because spiritual energy is real, those philosophies are not total malarkey. But they are potentially dangerous, and God tells us to stay away from divination (even the name tells us we are treading too close to God’s sacred territory).

I eventually found my way to the Truth. And when I found Him, my soul leapt just like John the Baptist in Elizabeth’s womb. There is something about the Gospel and about the Truth of Jesus that calls out to us across time and space and rings true in that eternity that God has placed in our souls. When you find this Truth, you know that you know. And as the scales fall from your eyes, you see the same world in whole new way. For me it was like finding that particular puzzle piece that suddenly makes the colors and shapes of the other pieces fall together. The spiritual truths have been falling into place ever since. Christian musician Keith Green described it this way: “Like waking up from the longest dream. How real it seemed, until Your love broke through…”

If you’ve found the Truth, then your seeking isn’t over. Daily seek for God in his Word, seek for God through prayer, seek for God through your service to others. These are the ways we reap the blessings that God promises to us. If you know seekers who are still looking, share with them! You have the answer they're looking for. If you haven’t experienced faith as a relationship with the Truth, seek and you will find! Knock and the door will be opened to you. Seek God with your heart and soul and He will reveal himself to you and show you the way to Jesus and to the mysteries of His kingdom.

Finding Jesus and beginning an exciting, wonderous journey with Him is the most valuable find you fill ever make. It is more precious than pearls, gold, or any 1940s pottery or rare bird. Of course, you’ll still have time to add to those other collections, just remember to seek God’s kingdom first. (It's probably not under the bed.)




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