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Happy New Year!

As we embark on another year's adventure into the future with all of its hope and uncertainty, it is customary and wise to reflect upon our current state and resolve to make necessary changes, pick up lost habits or start new programs and projects. I'm a huge fan of self-improvement; after all, there's only one of you, so you might as well be the best one you can be! Christianity is all about self-improvement and it's power to transform you, this world and the next world (wow, that's a lot of power!) We know that power is really the Holy Spirit working through us, but we have to cooperate!

So, if you are ready to set off on an adventurous struggle to change yourself or change the world, I have some products that might help or at least inspire you in your quest.  Everything is available at


 Chalkboard Lights Personalized Inspirational Bathroom Scale
 Barnwood Lights Personalized Inspirational Bathroom Scale
by VisionsandVerses
 Basketball Personalized Thermal Tumbler
by VisionsandVerses
Chalkboard Lights Personalized Inspirational Barnwood Lights Personalized Inspirational  Sports Balls Personalized Basketball Personalized Thermal Tumbler            


Baseball Personalized
by VisionsandVerses
Movie Night Personalized
by VisionsandVerses
Snow Day Puzzle
by VisionsandVerses
Everything is Possible Basketball Hoop
by VisionsandVerses
 Baseball Personalized  Movie Night Personalized Snow Day   Everything is Possible Basketball Hoop


A Sparkling Season of Love Inspirational Calendar
by VisionsandVerses
 Football Texture Personalized
by VisionsandVerses
Eagle's Wings Desk Organizer
by VisionsandVerses
Coffee Names Aqua Personalized
by VisionsandVerses
 A Sparkling Season of Love Inspirational Calendar  Football Texture Personalized  Eagle's Wings Desk Organizer Coffee Names Aqua Personalized 


 Barn Wood String Lights Personalized Family Motto
by VisionsandVerses
Unique Sheep Good Shepherd
by VisionsandVerses
 Barn Wood String Lights Personalized Family Motto  Unique Sheep Good Shepherd  You Are Loved Birds  Open Wide Your Heart Charm Bracelet
 There's so many more items on my site that will encourage you, inspire you or just make you smile. I have lots and lots of great Christian gifts to show appreciation, or posters and prizes great for VBS or Sunday School. Check it out and share with your friends! And have a truly blessed year of our Lord 2017!
Jen Jahromi
Visions & Verses