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Embracing Wonder

Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare. ~Psalm 40:5
One of the greatest joys for me as a parent was getting to experience life all over again through the eyes of my children.  Simple things that once seemed amazing, but that I had grown accustomed to, seemed amazing all over again when my kids discovered them. Like crocuses rising up out of the snow to bloom, or water coming out of the faucet, or the little 'magic' tricks my husband would perform. I worry that there is not enough wonder left in the world.
If you're old like me, technology may still hold some of its wonder.  Seems I barely learned to program the VCR when out came DVDs, DVRs, mp3s and now live streaming. Smart phones and tablets do amazing things, but kids growing up with them see it all as normal.  
Likewise, the heavens held endless wonder and facsination for ancient peoples, but now we have charted, named and catalogued much of observable space, and have seen back to the 'big bang'. Eclipses and comets are no longer sudden omens, but scheduled, anticipated events.
Even carnivals which used to hold endless wonder with their flashing lights, thrill rides, exotic fried foods  and games are out done by Theme Parks, video games and the frozen food section of the local grocery.  Amazing just isn't as amazing as it used to be.
Even so, the wonders of God and His creation still challenge our faith and knowledge and inspire awe.  From the tiniest sub-atomic particle to the nearly infinite vastness of space which continues to expand beyond all expectation, from the miracle of birth to the incredible computing power of computers, from the unimaginable and inexplicable miracles of the Bible to the daily, mostly unnoticed miracles in our lives every day, our God has created a world beyond our imagination, beyond our understanding and beyond our control.  There are plenty of things to feel awe and wonder at...plenty of things to give thanks for and count as blessings.
The problem with things losing their wonder and becoming ordinary is that they are then easier to take for granted. Not amazed by the water faucet? Consider the well pump at the sink that your grandmother likely used, the outdoor well that your great-grandmother had to carry buckets of water from each day or the stream that her mother had to go down to muliple times daily. Far too many people still live that way today around the world.
So embrace the wonder that is all around you and remember to thank and praise God for it.  It's really easy to do once you get started...that lovely sunrise, the warmth and light of the sun and how it gives life to everyone and everything; the smile on a child's face, the thermostat that keeps your house at the same temperature summer through winter, an unexpected flower in the garden, the miracle of new drug treatments and cures...the list goes on and on! 


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Hope all is well. I have not visited your site in a while. Beautiful!

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