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The Bible, the History Channel and a GIVEAWAY! (What could be better?)

Celebration Giveaway Time...

Who would have ever imagined that I would have more than 1500 FB Friends!Not me... that's for sure!� But I'm feeling the love. and I know who gets the glory!So... because you have shown your love and blessed my heartby "liking" me on FB... I want to show you my love back by having a... CELEBRATION GIVEAWAY!!~ with three lovely winners ~

I put together this little box of goodies full of encouraging words,Bible verses, and beautiful blessings...

...and the FIRST PLACE WINNER will receive everything in the box:1) a "Prayer Changes Things" 8" Plaque2) a 'Set Free" Magnet3) a collection of 12 Blessing Cards

My favorite Christian Artist and friend is having a give away of her FABULOUS art. What a colorful, joyful inspiration to brighten up this dreary time of year, eh? Check it out!!


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Fran ONeill

Six years ago in April my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We were unsure he would make it, but thank God he has. He retired in January and we are working together with our children to run our home based greenhouse business. God has been merciful to us and we are thankful!

Visions & Verses

Praise God for that! It is wonderful to see the Lord work in each others' lives! Bless you both.

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