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This is the Time for Singing!

Flowers of Friendship BESTIn the countryside the flowers are in bloom. This is the time for singing; the song of doves is heard in the fields. ~Song of Solomon 2:12

This is my latest painting and my first real foray into acrylics.  I have to say that I was definitely inspired by the arrival of Spring, and the beautiful blooming tulips and the unseasonably warm weather we were having.

Spring is definitely the best time for Easter.  Watching the trees bloom in purple, white and pink and the sunny daffodils wave in the breeze and the crocuses erupting into colorful displays just makes my heart sing!  My soul is definitely stirred by the seasonal resurrection of the plants and trees, and puts me in mind of that Resurrection that ransomed my own soul from death.  The Iranians celebrate their New Year on the first day of Spring, and to me that just seems more fitting.  For Christians Easter is truly like the beginning of a New Year...of a New Life, in Christ.  All the flowers and colors and bird songs remind us of the joy we feel at knowing we have been forgiven and ransomed and redeemed. I hesitate to let go of this wonderful Easter feeling, knowing that the end of the school year and summer are coming with all that busy-ness they bring.  For now, I just want to enjoy the flowers and welcome back my bird friends to the feeder and the birdhouses that have been waiting for their return.  This IS the time for singing!

Heavenly Father, thank you for the return of Spring and for all the goodness it brings.  Thank you for the seasons as reminders of your provision for us.  Let this season remind us of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us all so that though we were dead in our sins, we could be reborn into a springtime of fellowship with You.  Amen.