The Blessings of Relationship
Half Empty, Half Full or Overflowing?

Act 2: The End and The Beginning

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For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

~ Jeremiah 29:11

So, my first-born, my little boy, who used to ride the dog and make play-dough masterpieces, has now graduated from High School.  I've had 17 years to prepare for this, but I just don't think I would ever have been prepared.  This whole year has been such a bittersweet experience, full of joy and trepidation, exhilaration and disappointment.  It would have been better if it could have been spread out more, but some things in life are just like that.  So, in the last few months I've watched him apply to college, get accepted to his first choice school, get a scholarship to the Honors Program, make his first date, rent a tux and go to the prom, get hired for his first job, quit his first job, finish his driver training, devastatingly fail his first driver's test, and walk across the stage and receive his diploma. 

All the while, trying to psychically prepare myself for his journey into full adulthood, I have been met by comments (mostly by men) suggesting that I 'cut the apron strings'.  It's frustrating, because, frankly, I didn't tie those strings.  I find that just like when he was 3 and learning to be on his own for the first time, he makes a great stride, and then hurries back, symbolically holding on to my leg now, not literally.  I remember this time of life.  As much as you want to be an adult and be 'free', it's also scary.  And you don't want to feel cut off from remaining part of the family.  So, personally, I have no desire to make the transition final by demanding rent, or making him leave home.  I think life will be harsh enough as it is.  Like a bird with a mended wing, I want him to feel comfortable taking wing whenever he feels ready so that he'll be successful.  Now, believe me, there will come a day when he'll need to be out on his own.  And I'm quite sure my hubby will make that clear when the time comes!  Still, maybe selfishly, I don't want to feel like the curtain has come down and it's the end.  I prefer to think of this as the scene change for Act 2.  With that thought, I'm free to look forward to the plot twists and conflict resolutions to come...there's plenty of time before the final curtain call!

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Dearest Lord, thank You for all the beginnings and endings in our lives, and for the twisting, turning paths along the way.  Let me be grateful for all you have given me in my children, and let me trust in You to provide their futures.  Because I know you hold the future -- and life is worth the living because You live! Amen.


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That is so right!!! I have been called an enabaler...not with substance abuse relationships but, that I 'help' too much. Really???? I gave birth to those children that are now with my grandchildren...can I just say to them...your parents need to toughen up??? I applaud you and thank our God you are such a caring mom.

Maria Shiyou

I think you are right-on about that! My son is 28 and he still lives with us here at home. He works as a plumber with a plumbing construction company. Right now he is working out of our area, at Mississippi State University, several hours away. So the company furnishes the crew with housing while they are out of the area. He is a wonderful man. He is our only son, with 5 sisters, and he is the youngest. He is a great uncle to 12 nieces and nephews. He has never found the right one to marry and probably never will marry, he dates occasionally. Got burned a couple of times and has watched 2 sisters go through divorce and says he never wants to go through that. He helps a lot when he is home, we have a farm. He has worked as a maintenance man at a cookie factory, a trim carpenter and has been plumbing for several years now. He can weld, operate heavy equipment and build just about anything. He is more than welcome to stay here at home for as long as he wants! No apron strings holding him back! His Pop and I enjoy his company and miss him when he has to be out of town. So enjoy your son!


Hi Jen!

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