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Snowmeggedon 2010

Snow Day best Well, this is about what my foyer has looked like for the last 2-3 weeks.  I left out a couple pairs of snow pants and a few more pairs of gloves.  And now everything is several sizes larger!

We have endured the epic snowstorm of the century, and aside from some sore shoulders and a little cabin fever, we weathered it just fine.  The week off of school allowed us to spend a lot of 'family time' together, and that was actually really fun.  I was a little disappointed that we didn't spend more time outside, since we could literally have carved up an igloo, but maybe it was just too much snow for much frolicking.

We were so blessed that Mom didn't have any health crises, our power never went out, our pipes didn't freeze and we had enough milk, bread and toilet paper to see us through!

Our little bird-feeder provided some refuge for a bunch of our feathered friends, as well as a raccoon.  I was reminded of how God provides for them even when they don't work and save and prepare for the future.  If only we could really grasp how God will provide for us in the same way if we will trust Him and stop worrying and feeling anxious about the future.  It's amazing how much God loves us and wants to provide for His people.  Here are a few pictures of our amazing snow and the beauty it created.

Snowmeddedon 357 Snowmeddedon 363 
Snowmeddedon 427 Snowmeddedon 375

   Snowmeddedon 414