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March 31, 2008


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Hi Jen (((( HUGZ))))
What a important reminder for us all indeed!!! I know I need to keep up with loved ones who live just an island away, it's so easy to get caught up in everyday life and times goes by and loved ones go home to glory and we wish we had made time, but it's too late. Thanks for this gentle reminder my sister.. Hugz Lorie


Thanks Lorie! ;0)
I praise God that we had the opportunity to move home with my parents when we did. I know that it was all God's plan, and we were able to be with my Dad for what turned out to be his last year. We never would have guessed it at the time. Although he had a long term battle with Hepatitis C, we just thought he'd keep going. It took my hubby to convince Dad's brother to come down and see him in February, and he was gone in March. Even that was blessing, because we did have some chance to get affairs together, be with each other as a family and have some highly coveted Maryland crabs!

So now, when people get sick, I try to shower them with flowers and cheery cards while they can appreciate it, make sure they know I love them, and pray for them right away so I don't put it off.

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